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Policy and Procedures

The Visual Arts Production Center (AKA The Cage) is located in room 220 of the Fine Arts building. The Cage provides equipment loan services to students enrolled in Cinematic Arts, Animation, Photography and Foundations courses. All patrons will checkout and checkin equipment at the Cage, FA 220. The Cage also provides some support and equipment loans to other classes within the Visual Arts department by special arrangement. Patrons are expected to treat any equipment entrusted to them with the utmost responsibility and care. Equipment loans are a privilege, not a right. Other than normally expected wear and tear, the patron will be held responsible for any lost or damaged equipment. Patrons are expected to be aware of the replacement value of any piece of equipment. No equipment or keys may be checked in or out after hours. It is the patron’s responsibility to schedule his/her time accordingly. Patrons must be currently enrolled in a Visual Arts class with a valid ID card or proof of enrollment to check out equipment or room keys. Patrons must also have a phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency. Certain editing, screening, and production studios are available for advanced patron use. Patrons who do not comply with the Cage Policies and Procedures will be subject to fines or/and infractions and possible loss of privileges.

I. Loan of Equipment:
A. When equipment is checked out, patrons will sign a sheet describing the equipment being borrowed. You will receive a receipt which acts as a permission slip to borrow the equipment. Hold this receipt while in possession of the equipment as it has important information for identification purposes.
B. Advanced equipment will become available to patrons only as they advance through the program’s course levels. Do not attempt to reserve equipment that you have not yet been cleared for by your instructor.
C. You are responsible for all equipment checked out through the action of your signature on the policy contract. It is understood that all such equipment shall be returned to the Cage in the same proper working condition as it was issued.

  1. It is your responsibility to accept only equipment in proper working condition from the Cage. Check the parts and contents of your package against the printed receipt.
  2.  Should any equipment become faulty for any reason while in the patron’s charge, absolutely no attempt will be made by the patron (or anyone else) to repair it prior to its immediate return to the cage.
  3. Under no circumstances should any equipment in your charge be loaned to any other person.
  4. All equipment transfers must be handled through the Cage.
    Use of loaned equipment for anything other than course-related projects or supplying equipment to individuals who do not have authorization is a severe abuse of Cage policy (see §I.E).
  5. It is essential that equipment be returned to the Cage on time. Late fines will be enforced. If you are late AND someone needs the equipment, you will be fined AND you will have committed an infraction (see §V). Reserved equipment must also be picked up on time or your reservation will go to someone else. It is the patron’s responsibility to be aware of the Cage’s schedule. You may check equipment in earlier than the return time and you may pick up reserved equipment earlier than the reserved time if the equipment is available.

D. There is a fifteen (15) dollar per hour, forty-five (45) dollar per day per capital item late fee, (cameras & recorders) and five (5) dollar per hour for all other equipment for all check-outs which exceed the check-in time. Extenuating circumstances will be considered only if the Cage is notified before the equipment is past-due. Phone calls to the Cage should be made during Cage hours. Fines must be paid with student’s campus ID card. Messages left on voice-mail will not be accepted.
E. Equipment sign-out privileges may be revoked at any time without warning due to careless handling of equipment, repeated lateness, or abuse of Cage policy.For example: unattended equipment is considered careless handling.

II. Terms of Equipment Loan:
A. All equipment may be signed out for a maximum of two (2) days or over a weekend. Equipment must be returned and checked before a renewal of the loan may be made.
B. Extended loans of any equipment or keys will be allowed only with special permission from the student’s instructor. Reservations for extended periods or holidays will be considered on a proposal basis. There will be no check-outs or room use during semester breaks. Falsified or misrepresentation of special permission will result in immediate revocation of Cage privileges and notification of the department Chair.
C. No-shows are considered an infraction against Cage policy (see §V).

III. Reservation of Equipment:
WebCheckout functions as a means of communicating equipment needs among patrons.

A. Equipment reservations can be made at any time online.
B. Upon receipt of equipment from the Cage, or a change in reservation plans, it is the patron’s duty to update any changes online.
C. Thirty minutes before closing, all reservations not yet claimed are void. This includes room keys.
D. No advanced/large packages will be checked out if there is less than 1 1/2 hours left of Cage hours.
E. Specific future check-out times during the semester can be arranged by giving adequate advance notice to the Cage.

IV. Room/Key Reservations:
Editing, screening, and production areas are available for use by patrons according to their advancement in the Visual Arts program. Keys are reserved in a similar fashion as equipment. Keys may be checked out overnight, weekends, or on a “same day” basis. The patron must reserve the specific time of day s/he will be using the room.

A. Each room schedule is broken down into blocks of time associated with a specific room and key. There is ABSOLUTELY NO PASSING OR TRADING OFF OF KEYS. Only patrons with keys checked out may use a room. Keys are due in the return locker at the end of the reserved time block regardless of Cage hours. If a key is late AND someone needs it, you will be fined AND you will have committed an infraction (see §V).
B. Reservations are limited to a maximum of four hours per day, two reservations per week. Only one of these reservations may appear on the weekend. There is a limit of two rooms reserved per person on weeknights or weekends. Eligible unreserved check-outs made within the last half hour of cage hours are unlimited but must be outdated online.
C. Reserving time commits you to that block. You may come and go as you please, but use the time wisely. No-shows are considered abuse of policy (see §V). Cancellations must be outdated online with adequate advance notice.
D. Sign in and sign out of the log sheet in each room. Reporting of and responsibility for any problems, damage or unacceptable messes is required for all work areas.
E. Cleanliness of the work areas is the responsibility of the students working in them.
Cleaning materials can be obtained from the Cage when needed.
F. There is a $100.00 fine for re-keying if a key is lost while in the patron’s charge.
G. Storing personal project materials in a space is not recommended, but if a patron must do this, s/he must label any items, with a name and date to avoid having it removed.

Studio A
To reserve Studio A, a separate proposal form must be completed and submitted to the Cage with proper instructor’s signature a minimum of 48 hours in advance of obtaining keys. Keys must be returned in person during center hours Adherence to the policies on the proposal form is required. Any deviance from them is an infraction against Cage policy (see §V).

V. Penalties :
Responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen equipment or keys are outlined above. Late equipment/key returns are fined and will be considered an infraction as well if anyone is made to wait for the equipment/key you have. No-shows for reservations are considered an infraction. Failure to adhere to policies (where applicable) is an infraction. Failure to pay fines will result in a hold on your reserve/checkout privileges. Failure to pay fines that remain after the last day of classes will result in the holding of your grades and your reserve/checkout privileges will be suspended until fines are paid. FYI, that means you cannot use the Cage or graduate until your fines are paid.

1st infraction – written warning with copies sent to your instructor and the department chair.
2nd infraction – suspension of use of the facilities as described in the following paragraph.

Any abuse or disregard for the above policy will result in suspension of use of the Visual Arts facilities for the rest of the current semester. Access may be reinstated the following semester through formal application to the Visual Arts faculty and the Visual Arts Production Center.

VAPC Policy and Procedures PDF